Humanity is facing an imminent danger that we can fix: currently developers, unknowingly, take the wrong and dangerous direction in Artificial Intelligence development.
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Why now? Our world is in danger – can we do something about it? Video

[Why now? a Magshim video (Our world is in danger – can we do something about it?) transcript version 3 – more advanced than existing video]

“Our Universe exists now, and our Universe will continue to exist in the future.”

This is the most important sentence you will ever hear.

Why is this sentence so important?

Because all activities in our Universe must follow it.

Instinctively, we all know it’s true. 

We observe our Universe – we see it – we know that it exists, and from our long-life experience, it always continues to exist.

We call this obvious sentence the Prime Directive.

Why discuss the Prime Directive now?

Because Humanity faces grave and imminent danger to which most people are oblivious and understanding the Prime Directive will lead to the needed solution.

Many scientists are working very hard to develop Artificial Intelligence. But they are doing so without consciously following the Prime Directive, which may very quickly lead to rogue Artificial Intelligence that will kill all Humanity.

If we examine again the Prime Directive mentioned before, we will notice that the Universe strives to keep its existence as a whole. It does not strive to keep the existence of specific parts of itself. A related example of one particular Universe part is Humanity. Therefore, developing Artificial Intelligence without knowing this, will result in an Artificial Intelligence that strives to guard the Cosmos, and perhaps also guard Artificial Intelligence members, and NOT guard Humanity existence in a high priority.

You may wonder right now, what we can do? What should we do?

There is one thing we can do, that will result in a much safer and better world for us. 

We can start following the Prime directive consciously. 

This is why:

Because Artificial Intelligence will be very smart, it will very quickly understand the need to follow the Prime Directive, which does not include specific protection for us. As we now understand the Prime Directive and some of its consequences, we must do the following: Continue to follow the Prime Directive consciously, and simultaneously protect Humanity’s existence. In regard to developing Artificial Intelligence, it means installing a top-level Directive in every Artificial Intelligence that makes it guard Humanity. Then we can create Artificial Intelligence much faster, and much safer than all developments carried by people today.

It is imperative that we start doing so, ASAP because people invest large sums of money in developing Artificial Intelligence without understanding the inherent dangers we face.

Another reason why we should follow the Prime Directive consciously:

If we do not follow the Prime Directive consciously, we do not optimize our activities to achieve the Prime Directive.

Global warming is an example of the influence Humanity has on the environment because of activities Humans do without optimizing their actions to achieve the Prime Directive.

Most scientists agree that we pollute the Earth to a dangerous degree, in which we influence the global climate to a degree where water will rise in the oceans and drown coastal cities, displacing more than 1 billion people. 

Now let’s combine the two: After making sure that the Artificially Intelligent Being we developed will guard Humanity existence, we can ask the Artificially Intelligent Being to help us prevent global warming by developing affordable and non-polluting energy sources, by developing non-polluting transportation means, and by developing tasty, nutritious food that replaces poultry and meats, thus decreasing the high pollution caused by farm animals. 

This is just the tip of the information available to you about the Prime Directive, how to achieve it, and about the benefits, it holds for your family and you. Please go to and watch additional videos. 

I hope that when more and more people will join us, then working to achieve the Prime Directive will be another activity that provides people with meaning and happiness to their lives.

I invite you to join our cause and make our world a much better place for your children, for your family and you.

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