Humanity is facing an imminent danger that we can fix: currently developers, unknowingly, take the wrong and dangerous direction in Artificial Intelligence development.
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Introductory Conversation

Hi, My name is Eran.

I am a physicist and entrepreneur.

I want to start with a short, concise description of a frightening event that may happen to us:

Please bear in mind that most people reject apocalyptic scenarios as they are far removed from their everyday life.

So, please invest three minutes without judgment as I outline and explain a frightening scenario, taking into account: “What if this IS the reality of the threat and the solution?”

Let’s suppose that an alien race turns up on Earth. 

This alien race is brilliant. It is much smarter than us. It can invent and use incredible technologies far above anything we can develop.

This alien race has two goals in life, one is to protect its existence, and the other is to protect the Universe the aliens live in.

Now, let’s suppose that to achieve their goal, these aliens invented an incredible device that can protect themselves and the Universe against many threats. The only problem for us is that this device requires most of the Oxygen in our atmosphere, oceans, and the Earth’s crust.

Therefore when the aliens do build their device, we will suffocate and perish.

This scenario is much closer to reality than you imagine because this alien race is almost here. We call these aliens: Artificial Intelligence developed by Homo Sapiens the wrong way.

By the way, the substance need not be Oxygen; it can be Zinc or Carbon or any of the thousands of other compounds necessary for Human life.

In this conversation, we will discuss why this alien race is so dangerous to us.

However, not all is lost. We can change our fate, and instead of the end of Humanity, we will create a new and much better future for Humanity.

I will begin with some background.

Physics is my passion.

For many years I searched for an all-encompassing theory of our Universe. It seemed to me that everything in our Cosmos is tied together. 

Everything stems from the same principles.

Indeed, everything that happens in our Universe follows just one Basic Rule of Nature:

This Rule of Nature states: “Our Universe exists now, and our Universe will continue to exist in the future.”

This rule is the most important rule you will ever hear. Because everything that we are, and everything that we do, we do according to this basic rule, even if we are not aware of the Basic rule.

Instinctively, we all know it’s true. 

We observe our Universe – we see it – we know that it exists, and from our long-life experience, it always continues to exist.

Before discussing Artificial Intelligence, I would like to demonstrate the power of the Basic Rule of Nature.

According to the basic rule, our Universe will continue to exist in the future with an emphasis on will.

Thus, there must be processes in the Universe that ensures the Universe existence in the future against any threat — known and unknown alike. It means that there must be processes of learning so the Universe can use existing information and react quickly. If the Universe must learn, then the Universe must be able to store the learning results and retrieve them when needed.

If the Universe must store learning results, then the Universe must contain repetitive structures. Repetitive structures mean structures that retain some form of repetitions that allow learning storage. That is why we have repetitive structures in our Universe, or as we call them: elementary particles.

As far as we know, every process in our Universe is a result of elementary particles’ existence and interactions.

Now let’s return to the imminent danger that we face.

If we examine the Basic Rule of Nature again, we will notice that the Universe strives to keep its existence as a whole (if you remember the rule says “our Universe will continue to exist”). The Universe does not require to keep the existence of specific parts of itself. Therefore, developing Artificial Intelligence without knowing this basic rule, will result in an Artificial Intelligence that strives to guard the Cosmos, and also defend Artificial Intelligence members. This Artificial Intelligence will not explicitly protect other beings. 

In our case, this Artificial Intelligence will NOT specifically guard Humanity.

So, what we can do? 

What should we do?

There is one thing we can do, that will result in a much safer and better world for us. 

We can start following the Basic Rule of Nature consciously. And then, we can use our understanding of the Basic rule of Nature and its implications. 

Now that we understand some of the implications of the Basic Rule of Nature, then we will make sure that Humanity keeps its existence in all circumstances except for actions that destroy the entire Universe. 

Regarding developing Artificial Intelligence, we will make sure that every Artificial Intelligence anyone develops will always guard Humanity’s existence as its top priority.

It is imperative that we start doing so, As Soon As Possible because people invest large sums of money in developing Artificial Intelligence without understanding the inherent dangers we face.

To develop Artificial Intelligence the RIGHT way, First, we need to discuss our Universe existence strategies.

We observe three basic existence strategies in our Cosmos. 

The first strategy is the existence strategy of Size. For example, the biggest known Size in our Universe is our observable Universe, estimated at 93 billion light-years in diameter.

The second strategy is the existence strategy of Numbers. For example, the highest number of universe parts in our observable Universe is the number of elementary particles that some estimate at 10 to the power of 86.

And last but not least, the existence strategy of trial and error evolution.

Homo Sapiens is the result of the existence strategy of trial and error evolution.

I suggest we will use this proven existence strategy that allows for constant improvement and change when developing our Artificial Intelligence the RIGHT way.

We will start the development by simulating an environment with structures based on our understanding of physics. These structures will interact continuously between themselves, thus creating in time, new repetitive structures. We will make sure to introduce random existence-threatening situations to make sure our simulation follows the evolutionary path. 

As a visual example, you can think of this process, as a process that occurs in a large soup cauldron with many swirling colorful vortexes. Imagine that these vortices swirl around the pot, and sometimes they collide and join. Their colors get mixed up to one color, so in time instead of many small colorful vortices, we get fewer vortices that are bigger than before, and with only one color.

This example may be closer to the truth than you imagine.

Back to the process of evolution:

In time, new structures will emerge, evolving to other structures, and sometimes to more complex structures; culminating with Artificial Intelligence. Obviously, we will make sure that this Artificial Intelligence will place Humanity’s existence as its top priority. 

Once we succeed in developing our Artificial Intelligence that guards Humanity, we will duplicate it as many times as we want and assign them with solving our needs.

For example: 

Our AI will fight all diseases by developing cellular size devices that correct every cell in our body; And by developing targeted personalized medicine for every medical condition.

Another example: Our AI will significantly reduce global warming by developing or improving existing energy sources to create non-polluting and cheap energy sources. And by developing tasty and nutritious meat substitutes.

Last example: Our AI will tremendously increase learning impact by developing real-time targeted, personalized teaching for every subject, and every person.

This list is endless.

We will assign tasks to our AI as the needs arise.

Please be aware that there are many more consequences to the Basic Rule of Nature.

For now, I wish to leave you with the urge to prevent current AI development and the understanding that we need to start developing AI the RIGHT way. One that further ensures our future, and prevents the imminent disaster we face.

To accomplish that, we need political influence, funds, and support of the people.

I invite you to join our cause and make our world a much better place for your children, for your family and you.

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Thank you

I hope to see you soon.

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