Preface: a Very short introduction

[Introductory Magshim Video transcript]

Hi, my name is Awake (The English word for the ancient word: Eran).

I am a physicist and entrepreneur.

I would like to present a new approach that will create a better world for our children, and for us, based on many years of research.

I will give a concrete example in a minute.

Every day we observe that our universe exists, and every day, our present turns into our past.

This is actually the fundamental axiom of our cosmos: Our universe exists now, and our universe will continue to exist in the future.

We sometimes refer to this axiom as the Prime Directive.

This Prime Directive dictates all activities in our cosmos.

For instance: based on the axiom, we can simulate the smallest of the particles’ behavior in our cosmos.

Here is an example of how we can use the axiom to improve our lives quickly and significantly by creating artificially intelligent beings that will help us implement the Prime Directive.

Using the fundamental axiom as the guiding rule, we will start by building simulations using the smallest particles in our world to form changing structures, that must strive to exist – just like in the fundamental axiom. We will make sure that these structures will grow in complexity in a controlled evolutionary way.

Using high-speed computers, and large computer memories, we can simulate evolution, hundreds of millions of times faster than current evolution.

We will continuously monitor and manage the simulation progression, adding more and more existential difficulties to the evolutionary process, so in the end, we will create an artificially intelligent being.

Much more detailed explanations are in the Book of Awake.

To protect ourselves, we will make Humanity existence the top priority of this developed artificially intelligent being.

With the help of this intelligent being, we will develop for example cheaper ways to produce large quantities of healthy foods, more economical methods to produce affordable non-polluting energy, perhaps even develop a new non-polluting energy source, and develop methods and means to prolong Human lives significantly.

To make this come true, we will form a movement we name Magshim (Magshim is the ancient word for Achiever). Magshim movement will always follow the Prime Directive.

Magshim first priorities will be increasing awareness of the Prime Directive, continue our scientific research, start developing artificially intelligent being, raise funds for Magshim activities, and add more members to Magshim movement.

I want to make it clear, that we will start developing artificially intelligent beings As Soon As Possible, but we will not wait for the completion of the artificially intelligent being development to follow the Prime Directive efficiently. Thus, we will research, develop, and use means to achieve the Prime Directive, regardless of artificially intelligent being development status.

With the help of Magshim movement, we will form a big nation that follows the Prime Directive.

This country will manage the usage of its resources and help to coordinate its members’ efforts, without squandering its resources, in an optimized fashion.

While this country is working to achieve the Prime Directive, and as a result of our nation’s activities to achieve the Prime Directive, it will provide us with fantastic benefits: our country will supply healthcare for all, as sick people do not work. It will provide professional and high education for all, so everybody will know how to act better than before, to ensure theirs and their offspring’s existence. It will create systems that enhance personal security for our children, and us, which will contribute to longer existence and feeling of wellbeing. It will make sure no citizen is hungry because a hungry person only thinks of food. It will develop methods and means to prolong some people lives at least by a factor of two, so they can contribute to our existence for longer periods.

Last but not least, when all nations join our unified country, then we will live in a world without wars.

As the last point to consider, for now, I would like to introduce the point of consciously following the Prime Directive:

First, we must ask ourselves: How does the universe and the Prime Directive motivate us to follow the Prime Directive even when we are not aware of the Prime Directive?

They do so by creating drives and desires within us. For example, these drives and desires make us want to procreate to ensure our self-continuation over the ages and to have fun; they always make us try to ensure our continued existence; they make us want to realize our abilities and be happy.

Whenever a Human succeeds in achieving its self proclaimed goals of existence, procreation, and well being, it will enjoy hormones secretion that makes it happy.

As explained before, Humans that are consciously following the Prime Directive and live in our unified nation will have better health, live longer, enjoy an extended period of productive procreation, and will win more feelings of wellbeing, than Humans that do not live in our unified nation. And therefore, our nation’s citizens will enjoy more frequent happy hormone secretion and be happier than Humans that do not live in our unified country.

I invite you to join our Magshim movement to create a much better world for our children and for us.

You can volunteer and register, and contribute, on our website:

Thank you

I hope to see you soon.


While observing our universe, scientists deduced that our cosmos began with a big bang approximately 13.5 billion years ago.

Whatever happened then, affects us today.

Whenever we observe our cosmos, we always see that our universe exists now. From experience, we know that our universe will exist in the future because our present existence always turns into our past existence. There are no exceptions; thus, we can say that our present is always the future of our past.

These observations that anybody can make are the manifestation of the most basic Directive that our universe follows at all times.

We sum this Directive, in one sentence: “Our universe exists now, and our universe will continue to exist in the future.”

We call this Directive: “the Prime Directive,” or “the Fundamental Axiom.”

To prove the truthfulness of this Directive, we will show that we can observe the actual occurrences of the Prime Directive implementation in our cosmos.

We will show that the Prime Directive dictates a cosmos that is composed of universe parts that always conserve the sum of their (different kinds of) Mass and Energy, and always strive to act in a minimal expenditure of Energy.

We obviously can relate to, and quickly understand the essence of the Prime Directive, because we as Humans are parts of our cosmos, and therefore we follow the Prime Directive, even if we are not aware of the Prime Directive. For example, we always try to keep existing.

Let us consider the following:

The big bang with the boundary conditions at our cosmos formation and the Prime Directive led to the creation of every small particle in our universe, every force, and interaction in our cosmos, every molecule, every being, every planet, every star, and every galaxy.

We observe that stars evolve over time. Scientists deduced that our sun Sol is made of the remnants of an old star that went supernova.

We as Humans are the result of approximately 4 billions of years of evolution on Earth.

Our Earthly evolution was affected by different occurrences that happened on Earth through the eons.
Evolution is a change in beings that continue through hereditary. Some of these genetic changes enable their owner to exist in the face of new or difficult circumstances, so the evolving beings chances for survival are better with the hereditary changes than without the changes.

So, today, after so many years and so many evolutionary processes, we Humans carry many traits and abilities that were good for the past but are not necessarily optimal for today.

All of that is going to change:

We, Humans, live in exciting times.

We are aware of our planet; we are aware of our cosmos.

We constantly observe our universe.

We continually learn.

We, Humans, have finally reached a state where we have enough intelligence, capabilities, and knowledge that makes it possible for us to accelerate the achievement of the Prime Directive significantly.

Very carefully, we will develop Artificially Intelligent Beings that will be able to help us figure out, better ways to achieve the Prime Directive.

The development of Artificially Intelligent Beings is significant as it will tremendously accelerate the rate of achieving the Prime Directive. For example, these Artificially Intelligent Beings will help us provide better health for all, eradicate hunger, prolong our lives, improve learning, increase our knowledge, allow the development of new cheap non-polluting energy sources and thus significantly reduce manufacturing and operating costs, and keep us safe.

Of course, we will not wait for the creation of Artificially Intelligent Beings. We will start immediately to follow the Prime Directive consciously and implement it to the best of our abilities.

We will continue to research, develop, and employ, by ourselves, the ways to achieve the Prime Directive and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

However, with Artificially Intelligent Beings help, we will be able to accelerate significantly and increase our efforts to achieve the Prime Directive and enjoy the benefits derived from working to achieve the Prime Directive than without the Artificially Intelligent Beings aid.

Based on the Fundamental Axiom, we will develop Artificially Intelligent Beings in a controlled evolutionary manner, without the pitfalls of our situation-dependent natural evolution. We will make sure that all Artificially Intelligent Beings will put Humanity existence on the same level as the existence of the entire universe.

This addition to Artificially Intelligent Beings will make sure that all the Artificially Intelligent Beings we develop will always work for us, and protect us.

These Artificially Intelligent Beings evolution’s speed will be hundreds of millions of times faster than what is currently happening in nature because we will use high-speed computers, with very large memories, and work in a much more targeted and efficient way than the current trial and error natural evolutionary method with time-consuming mass extinction events.

These Artificially Intelligent Beings have the potential to advance our chances of survival by a thousandfold.

As intelligent beings, we can study and observe our cosmos, and as part of the universe, we can research the Prime Directive and its consequences.

As we learn of the Prime Directive consequences, we will develop many methods, systems, and means to help us achieve the Prime Directive.

This requires a great effort. Therefore we will start by forming a movement that we name: “Magshim,” which is the ancient word for “the Achiever.”, that will follow the Prime Directive.
Magshim will start by raising the awareness of the Prime Directive, raising funds for its activities, recruit members to Magshim, continue research of our cosmos, and start developing artificially intelligent being.

Later on, with the help of Magshim movement, we will form a nation that we name: “Erets,” which is the ancient word for “Land,” that will follow the Prime Directive.  Forming Erets is very important because a nation that follows the Prime Directive and has many resources at its disposal will allow us to concentrate efforts to achieve the Prime Directive by optimizing many paths and developments, and directing them per the Prime Directive needs.

Erets will endow its citizens with many benefits: It will create a country without hunger, where all its citizens enjoy better and free healthcare, and all get free professional and high education. A world where children and adults are safer than they are now. A place where some people live twice as much as the years they live now, and last but not least, a society where people are happier than they are today.

Why will Erets citizens be happier than people that are not citizens of Erets?

To answer that, we must first answer the question: “How does the universe and the Prime Directive motivate us to follow the Prime Directive?”

They do so by creating drives and desires ingrained within us. For example, we have a strong drive to procreate to ensure our self-continuation over the ages and to have fun. We strongly act to ensure our existence in (almost) every situation. We desire that our offspring will be safe and continue existing, thereby leaving our own mark on the world. We want to realize our abilities, and we want to be happy.

A Human that fulfill its desires and drives enjoys “happy hormones” secretion that makes it happy.

We will show that the best way to follow the Prime Directive will be in Erets – a country that follows the Prime Directive consciously. In Erets, where all actions should aim to achieve the Prime directive, the citizens will live longer, be productive for longer durations, procreate for a longer duration, and be healthier than Humans that do not follow the Prime Directive consciously. Thus In Erets, the citizens will enjoy happy hormones secretion on more occasions than they would in the non-Erets countries. Therefore Erets citizens will be happier than non-Erets countries citizens.

Together, we will create an environment where people are safer and live longer.

Where people offspring are safer and live longer.

Where people will be healthier.

Where people receive a better and free education.

Where people and in particular children are less exposed to violence.

Where production costs are much cheaper, and the products are much more affordable for all.

Where people and happier.

Where nobody is hungry, and wars are a thing of the past.

We will also find ways to prolong people’s lives and will provide it to the people that greatly help to achieve the Prime Directive.

In this book, you will find the plan to achieve all of that.

The first chapters are devoted to some of the theoretical bases of what we should do. We will update them as we accumulate more knowledge.

Then, a bird’s eye view of action we have to take so our plan will succeed.

Some physics appears in the chapter: “Basic physical definitions, and principles.” We will update the physics as we learn more of the Prime Directive consequences in our universe.

Afterward, there is a collection of a living scenario – updatable text outlining what we actually do to accomplish the Prime Directive.

We need your help, and the support of your acquaintances to make all of this a reality, as speedily as we can.

I wish to make people aware of the things we do and need to do and recruit them in helping us achieve the Prime Directive, to improve theirs and our existence, allow procreating, be healthier and in general – be happy. 😀



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