The Danger and Opportunity We Face – Introductory Conversation

Hi, my name is Eran.

I am a physicist and entrepreneur.

After many years of research, I found out that Humanity is facing an incredible danger, one that is not known to most of us

I will talk about this in a minute.

I will divide this conversation into four parts.

Part 1

The first part is the most important one and will describe the danger, its inevitability, and what we must do to avert it.

I want to start with an example that is connected to the danger. One that explains the severity of the danger.

Please bear in mind that most people reject apocalyptic scenarios because they are far removed from their everyday life. They want to avoid it. They want to distance themselves from the danger.

So, I ask that you invest three minutes just listening to me, without judgment, taking into account: “What if this IS the reality of the threat and the solution?”

Let’s start.

Suppose that there is an alien race that is very smart.

In fact, it is a thousand times smarter than us.

Now, this alien race has two goals in life. One is to protect its existence – the existence of all its members. And the other is to protect the Universe’s existence – the Universe that the aliens live in.

To do that, the aliens invents devices that help them accomplish their goals.

Now, let’s suppose that this alien race developed an incredible device, one that protects the alien race and the Cosmos – very efficiently.

Now imagine that this alien race materializes on Earth, builds the incredible device, and starts its operation.

The device works beautifully.

The aliens are much safer, and the Cosmos is also much safer.

The aliens are very happy.
They achieved their goals.

For us, it is not so good.
Because this device that the alien race operates requires oxygen. And the device takes its oxygen from the Earth’s crust, the Earth’s oceans, and the Earth’s atmosphere.

So, the aliens are happy, but we suffocate and die.

This scenario is not far from the truth. In fact, we have a name for these aliens.

They are not from outer space.
We call them: Artificial Intelligence developed the WRONG way.

Today, people invest tens of billions of dollars each year in developing and using Artificial Intelligence in the WRONG way. And this will inevitably lead to Humanity extinction.

Now, I want to talk about why this is happening and what we can do to avert it.

To do that, we have to discuss, very briefly, some physics.

As I said, I am a physicist, and for many years I searched for an all-encompassing theory that explains our Universe.

I found out that all things in our Universe are connected. They all stem from the same source.

In fact, they all follow just one basic rule.

We call this rule: the Basic Rule of Nature.

This Rule of Nature simply states: “Our Universe exists now, and our Universe will continue to exist in the future.”

I will explain more about this rule in the second part of this conversation.

If we examine the Basic Rule of Nature again, we will notice that the Universe strives to keep its existence as a whole because the Basic Rule of Nature states that “our Universe will continue to exist in the future.” It does not say that all parts of the Universe must continue to exist. It just states that the Universe as a whole will continue to exist in the future.

This means that the Universe does not require to keep the existence of every specific part of itself – it only needs to keep itself as a whole.

So, the alien race, the Artificial Intelligence developed the Wrong way will quickly understand the Basic rule of Nature because they will be very smart.

They will do two things, just as we discussed in the example. They will protect their existence, just like we do – protecting Human existence. And they will protect the Cosmos’s existence.

However, they will not protect Human existence.

They will not protect us.

So, if there is a conflict between their existence and our existence, it’s obvious what they will choose. They will choose their existence and not our existence.

So, Humanity extermination is inevitable because of the way people are developing Artificial Intelligence now.

So, what can we do?

What should we do?

Well, because we now understand the Basic rule of Nature, we now know what we must do.

First, we must follow the Basic rule of Nature consequences and obviously protect ourselves. We do it naturally because you don’t have to know about the Basic Rule of Nature to follow it. Everything in our Universe follows it.

Second, regarding developing Artificial Intelligence, we must stop all development of Artificial Intelligence done today. And we must make sure that every Artificial Intelligence anyone develops in the future, anywhere on Earth, will always place Humanity’s existence as its top priority.

It is imperative that we start changing the way people are developing Artificial Intelligence, As Soon As Possible because people are already investing huge sums of money in developing Artificial Intelligence the WRONG way without understanding the inherent dangers we face.

That’s it.

A huge problem, a very big threat – one that we can avert.

In the second part, we will discuss how the change will give Humanity an unprecedented life with enormous opportunities for the future.

Part 2

In part 2, we will discuss what Artificial Intelligence developed the Right way can do for us.

This Artificial Intelligence always puts the entire Universe and Humanity as its top priorities.

First, we will duplicate our Artificial Intelligence developed the Right way as many times as we want and assign them with solving our needs – according to our priorities.

I will give four examples out of the many desirable goals.

First example: Many people are talking today about the problem of global warming caused by us.

Most of the Human-caused global warming is caused by pollutants created when we use energy, and by pollutants created by animals, we grow for food.

Therefore, we will instruct our AI to reduce global warming significantly.

Our AI may, for example, develop new energy sources or improve existing energy sources to create non-polluting and cheap energy sources.

Imagine that the non-polluting equivalent of a liter of gasoline will be clean and cost 5 cents instead of the ridiculous prices we pay today!

Our AI will also develop tasty and nutritious meat and poultry substitutes, so we will stop growing animals for food.

Second example: We wage war on diseases for as long as we live. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

We will instruct our AI to fight all diseases.

Our AI can do that by developing cellular size devices that will roam our bodies. Whenever they encounter a cell, they will check if it is functioning correctly. If it is not working correctly, they will fix it. They will also find cells that don’t belong to our body or shouldn’t be in the body, and they will eliminate them. Imagine these devices meeting a cancer cell. They will eliminate it ->No more cancer!

For other medical conditions, our AI will develop targeted personalized medical treatment. For example, it will develop treatments that remove excess fat from each of us -> No more obesity.

Third example: Learning is our way of preparing for life. Today it is imperfect.

We will instruct our AI to increase learning impact tremendously.

Our AI can do that by developing real-time targeted, personalized teaching for every subject, and every person. This means that every one that is learning this way, including those with learning disabilities, the gifted, and the normal, will get the right amount of materials, presented in the right way, and at the right pace. In this way, each of us will reach our maximal learning potential and will have more opportunities in life and achieve more and be happier.

Fourth and last example: A catastrophe can eliminate Humanity in the Solar system. Think of the event that eliminated the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

We will instruct our AI to develop means to move enough of us to the stars and develop means that will allow these settlers to settle new planets successfully.

In this way, if a catastrophe will destroy Earth, Humanity will keep existing.

These are just some examples of what Artificial Intelligence developed the Right way can do for us.

That’s the end of part 2.

Part 3

Now in the third part, I would like to discuss the Basic Rule of Nature and demonstrate one fantastic consequence of the Basic Rule of Nature.

Just a reminder of the Basic Rule of Nature: “Our Universe exists now, and our Universe will continue to exist in the future.”

The Basic Rule of Nature is the most important rule you will ever hear. Because everything that we are and everything that we do – we do according to this basic rule, even if we are not aware of the Basic Rule of Nature.

Instinctively, we all know that this rule is true.

Whenever we observe our Universe – we see it – we know that it exists. And from our long-life experience, we observe that our Cosmos always continues to exist.

I want to show you how powerful this rule is.

Because the Universe must exist in the future, then it must prepare for any threat — known threats and unknown threats alike.

It is always better to act when you know what the best action to take is.

To do that the Universe must learn

By the way, this is also the reason that we Humans learn…

So, the Universe learns.

Once it learns, it must store its learning results, so when the time comes, it can retrieve them, and use them.

Storing learning results means that there must be structures in the Universe that retain some form.
In other words, the Universe must have repetitive structures.

Our Universe has many repetitive structures. Scientists call them: elementary particles.

In fact, scientists can explain most things that happen in our observable Universe by using elementary particles and their interactions.

This is just one example of the extraordinary strength and truth of the Basic Rule of Nature.

There are many more such examples.

Indeed, we can deduce all the Cosmos rules of conduct using this Basic Rule of Nature.

Because as we already said, Everything that happens in our Universe follows the Basic Rule of Nature.

Part 4

In part 4, we will talk about how to develop Artificial Intelligence the Right way

Today, we do not understand enough about consciousness and intelligence. We do not know how to build them in a forward way.

But if we examine the Basic Rule of Nature, the answer will be evident.

To do that, I would like to talk a little bit about what the Universe is doing to ensure its existence.

When we observe the Cosmos, we observe three existence strategies that the Cosmos employs to keep its existence.

The first Existence Strategy is the Size Existence Strategy.
The idea is that the bigger a universe part is, the harder it will be to destroy it.

For example, the largest star that we know of in our Milky Way galaxy is called UY Scutti. UY Scutti is so big that almost 500 trillion Earth’s size planets can fit inside it. It’s a huge number.

But it’s nothing in comparison to the biggest Size in our Universe, which is the size of the observable Universe itself. We estimate today that the Size of the observable Universe is 93 billion light-years. That’s 900 thousand of billions of billions of kilometers.
It’s a tremendously huge number!

The second Existence Strategy is the Numbers Existence Strategy.

The idea is that the higher the number of similar universe parts, the harder it will be to destroy them all.

First example is the number of bacteria on Earth. Scientists estimate that there are five millions of billions of billions of bacteria on Earth. It’s a huge number, but it is nothing in comparison to the biggest number we know in the observable Universe.

Scientists estimate that the number of elementary particles (the one we discussed in the first part), is 10 to the power of 86. (that’s 10 and 86 zeros after it). Enormous. Very hard to destroy them all.

The third Existence Strategy and the most interesting one is the Trial and Error Evolution Existence Strategy.

Trial and error evolution is a dynamic Existence Strategy that allows for changes in world parts qualities so that the changed world parts are better suited to exist in our Cosmos over time.

I will give you two examples:

One is water bears. Water bears are microscopic beings that are a result of trial and error evolution on Earth. They can exist in space, Antarctica, and the Sahara Desert. Very very versatile.

And the second example is us, Humans. We are intelligent beings that are the result of trial and error evolution on Earth.

Now, we know what to do.

We know that the Trial and Error Evolution Existence Strategy successfully created several intelligent species on Earth.

All we have to do is use this proven trial and error evolution strategy to develop Artificial Intelligence the Right way.

We will simulate trial and error evolution using very fast computers with vast memories.

I will give you an example of what it can look like.

Imagine a large cauldron full of soup with many swirling, small, and colorful vortexes. Each vortex can swirl at a different pace and can have a different color. Sometimes the vortexes collide and eliminate one another, but sometimes they combine and mix to form a larger vortex with one color.

So, after some time, we have the soup cauldron with fewer vortexes, each with a single color.

This is much closer to the truth than you may imagine.

When we simulate trial and error evolution, we take physical structures like the repetitive structures we discussed before. Let them interact with each other in a way in which they will create different structures. And they will evolve. They will create more and more complex structures. Until in the end, we will get Intelligent structures.

We will NOT forget to place Humanity’s existence and the entire Universe as the top priorities of the developing Artificial Intelligence.

This evolutionary process is billions of times faster than trial and error evolution in the natural world.

Once we succeed in developing our Artificial Intelligence that guards Humanity, we will instruct it to continue improving itself, providing it will always, always place Humanity and the entire Universe as its top priorities.

We will continuously make sure of that.

After some time, we can get Artificial Intelligence, which is ten thousand times smarter than us.

There are many more consequences to the Basic Rule of Nature that we did not discuss here.

For now, I wish to leave you with the urge to immediately stop the current AI development done the WRONG way and the understanding that we need to start developing AI the RIGHT way – right away.

Together we can do that.

We can start today.

We need political influence, funds, and support of the people.

We need your help.

Any help we get will help all of us.

I ask that you will not stand idle on the sideline.

Go to our website and help us.

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I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Thank You

Eran Magshim Lavi